About us

Living or Dead? Celebrities, films, tv shows, birthdays, deaths ... your one-stop shop to satisfy your morbid curiosity.

A little background about this site, it's history, and how it came to be.

Welcome to Living or Dead!

We are so happy to have you here to share in all this wonderful information.

We are people, just like you, who have that morbid curiosity about death. It fascinates us all! And one day, it will unite us all!

It’s a healthy thing.

Original Living or Dead site

Over the years there have been death rumors about so many people. Mostly they’re hoaxes. We started this site after yet another Oprah death rumor proved false. In fact, the site was initially just a single page devoted to informing the world whether Oprah was living or dead!

Then it struck us…we could do the same for everybody.

To do this we needed reliable sources of freely available data, and an army of bots to collect and maintain it! With a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of hard work, the new, improved, and utterly amazing Living or Dead was born!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We still have heaps to do so we’d better stop gabbing and start coding.

In the meantime, have a look around. There’s so much interesting stuff happening here.