Frequently asked questions

Living or Dead? Celebrities, films, tv shows, birthdays, deaths ... your one-stop shop to satisfy your morbid curiosity.

What do you want to know?

What’s all this about?

We’ve all had the thought cross our minds before: “Is Joe Blob dead or alive?” You have an inkling that you read in the news a while ago that they died but you can’t be sure. You have to find out! That’s where we come in.

We have collected all the information for you! It’s sitting right here ready for you to satisfy your morbid curiosity.

Also, we can be used to settle bar fights.

Can’t I just look that up on Wikipedia?

Yup. You sure can!

But we put the information you are looking for right in front of your eyes. Wikipedia is an amazing resource but you have to sift through a mountain of information to get to the juicy bits.

Also, we have information about shows, films, albums, bands etc. that a person has been involved with and you can then dive right into those and go down the rabbit hole of links to other people, films and shows. It’s very addictive!

Did you know you can look at a film or TV show cast and see who’s living and who’s dead? Try it!

How do you order your content? It isn’t alphabetical.

Each item in our database has an interest calculation applied to it. This secret-sauce calculation determines how interesting we believe something to be. Things that are of higher interest bubble up to the tops of our lists and less interesting things sink to the bottom.

People are generally more interested in Oprah and Michael Jackson than they are in Sig Ruman (but right now you are probably more interested in Sig because you don’t who he is or if he’s dead or alive, right? … oh the irony! I gotchu, fam.)

About 25% of our content is hidden away because the articles aren’t considered interesting enough.

An item’s interest calculation changes over time as things trend. Recent deaths are always very interesting, as are scandals. These events will be reflected in a person being elevated up our lists so you’ll see more of them at these trending times.

How much stuff do you have?

It’s hard to say at any moment because the database keeps growing!

At the time of writing we had nearly 500,000 active articles! We probably have passed that milestone by the time you read this! Don’t worry, we keep the most interesting bits up the front for you to see but the more esoteric articles can still be found using our search bar.

We intend to publish interesting stats like this at some point in the future.

IMDB says someone is dead but you say they’re alive

Technically not a question, but we’ll run with it! IMDB tends to jump the gun on rumors. Keen editors will pronounce somebody dead without proper confirmation.

We prefer a slightly more cautious approach and will wait for a reliable source to confirm death romours.

We don’t use IMDB as a data source so you will often find we are not in sync with their information, especially when it comes to rumoured deaths.

Your information is wrong. How do I let you know?

We LOVE it when the community helps us out. We have hundreds of thousands of articles and can’t fact check them all.

Each content page (person, film, TV show etc) has a little correction link on it. Click on it and a simple feedback form will pop up so you can inform us of our ignorance! Be sure to cite a reliable source for the correct information.

We can’t guarantee the information on this site is correct. Our information is only as good as our sources, and they may be wrong! In fact, let’s treat everything here as a work of fiction.

You’re missing someone!

Again, not a question! If we’ve missed your favorite celebrity, let us know by using the correction link on any content page. Include a link to their Wikipedia page so we can be sure that we get the right person.

We actually have more people in our system than we publicly show. If we don’t have much information about a person (or film, or TV show) we’ll hide them away. We don’t want to clutter up the site with low-quality articles.

About 15% of our content is hidden away because the articles aren’t considered interesting enough.

You aren’t allowed to use my image! How can I report/fix this?

We take great care to ensure that the content on Living or Dead is freely available for use. It is possible that the source for an image may not have been licensed correctly which means, by extension, we should never have been able to use it.

In these cases, please let us know by clicking on the image and bringing up the image info page. It will show you the information we have for the image. It also allows you to tell us the issue via the correction form (select I own the image copyright in the problem field and give us as much information about your image ownership and the infringement as possible.